Media Ethics

Messagespace Pty Ltd is a privately owned Australian business that supports freedom of expression in advertising but reserves the right to refuse any advertising at the sole discretion of management.

The following guidelines will assist advertisers in creating content suitable for display by Messagespace

Wagering Advertisements

Wagering products or services incorporate traditional betting on sports or events but also include betting on fantasy sport teams, odds compilation and tipping services provided by a licensed operator.

Wagering advertisements;

  • Must not, having regard to a theme or language that is directed primarily at minors.

  • Must not depict a person who is a minor unless in an incidental role in a natural situation where they play no role in any wagering activity.

  • Must not portray, condone, or encourage wagering in combination with alcohol.

  • Must not depict a person 18-24 years old engaging in wagering.

  • Must not state or imply a promise of winning.

  • Must not portray, condone or encourage participating in wagering activities as a means of relieving a person’s financial or personal difficulties.

  • Must not imply or state a link between winning and sexual attractiveness.

  • Must not portray or condone excessive participation in wagering activities.

  • Must not portray or condone peer pressure to wager.

Political Advertising

Political advertising is advertising that attempts to influence or comment upon a matter which is currently the subject of extensive political debate.

Electioneering Advertising or marketing communications are generally regarded as “election advertising” where they contain material intended or likely to affect voting in an upcoming election. Election advertising is not necessarily limited to advertising by parties or candidates contesting an election and may include advertising outside of an election period where there is a relevant connection to an election. Generally, it will not include government information or education campaigns outside of an election period.

In determining whether an advertising or marketing communication is “election advertising”, regard may be had to the provisions of the Broadcasting Services Act 1992, Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 and State/Territory electoral legislation relating to election matter and electoral advertising. For advertising in the non-broadcast media, the presence of an authorisation required under the Commonwealth Electoral Act (or State/Territory electoral legislation) will be a relevant consideration. For broadcast advertising, the Broadcasting Services Act requires an authorisation for all political matter, not just election advertising, and as a result will not be a determinative factor.


Messagespace will not accept advertisements that;

  • Portray nudity or portrayal of sexual overtones that would not be accepted in the public realm.

  • Portray total nakedness, partial nakedness that would offend the general community

  • Products that actively promote sexual activity or promiscuity.

Non Acceptance

Messagespace will not accept or become involved in negotiation with any organisation that appears on Australian Government Banned or Outlawed Organisations Lists

Banned/Disqualified Organisations
Terrorist Organisations